Permanent hair reduction sounds pretty cool, but until you've been through a full range of treatments and you start forgetting to even look in those areas you won't know that it is life changing.  Razor bumps and painful ingrown hairs vanish and you are left with beautiful skin that looks as if it never grew hair in the first place.

We use the GentleLase Plus with Alexandrite technology or the GentleYAG for darker skin types. Both of these machines have what's called a DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device) which sprays out a blast of icy cold air to the treatment area to cancel out the heat of the laser.  The average person will need 5 - 7 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart, to achieve maximum results. 1 - 2 touch-up treatments per year are also necessary depending on the body part being treated.
  We allot a huge budget each year to maintaining well calibrated machines and pay therapists excellect commissions to reduce turn over in staff, therefore our touch-up prices are the same as the full treatment price.--  AW

*Note: Our client sent this amazing photo to us after showing his friends that laser doesn't hurt.  Wearing proper safety eyewear during your treatment is important.  Remember that in addition to safety glasses, it is best to close your eyes during treatment.

Pricing (Commonly Requested Zones):

Upper Lip/Chin - $30

Half Face - $40

Full Face - $55

Underarms - $55

Bikini - $55 - $125

Arms - $110 - $200

Lower Legs - $110

Upper Legs - $150

Back - $160 - $250

Chest - $80 - $110