IPL Photo Facial

In our efforts to remain compliant with the Texas Medical Board, AW Skin Clinic will now require a complimentary doctor's consultation for all clients scheduled to receive cosmetic injectables or laser treatments (with the exception of laser hair removal). The consultation will remain in effect for one year.

We offer a variety of photofacials and advanced laser treatments that address all kinds of skin issues.  Our photofacials help remove sun damage, repair broken capillaries, reduce redness, and minimize pores.  Please call to find out what treatment is best for your skin concern.


IPL Photo Facial (60 Minutes) - $105
Laser Photo Facial (45 Minutes) - $105


Laser Acne Treatment (45 Minutes) - $65
YAG Acne Treatment: Adult (60 Minutes) - $65

YAG Acne Treatment: Teen (60 Minutes) - $35