You can perform our renowned facial at home! Here's how:


- Large bowl of distilled water with a couple of ice cubes
- Two towels for cold therapy
- 3 warm towels
- Get product (cleanser) from refrigerator


1. Analyze skin by touch and sight.
2. Remove dead skin with tweezers as needed.
3. Cleanse with a combination of cleansers based on skin type. Use Cleansing Milk and Cleansing Milk Sensitive cleansers. If skin is sensitive, use Cleansing Milk Sensitive only.  Use Salicylic Cleanser for blemished and oily skin.
4. Work cleanser into skin and allow it to sit as a mask for approximately 2 minutes. For problem skin, leave on 4 minutes.
5. Apply warm towel.
6. Massage scalp with towel cools.
7. Remove cleanser with warm towel.
8. Spray The Mist over skin.
9. Apply Enzyme Peel or Enzyme Peel II to face, neck, and chest. Possible heat/tingling effects may occur.
10. You may add a lactic peel on top of your choice of enzyme. If so, continue with these steps:
    - Massage lactic into skin for a couple of minutes
    - Apply warm towel and leave on until cool
    - Massage hands and arms while towel is cooling
    - Remove towel
    - Spritz face with The Mist
11. Use cool towel to remove excess enzyme/acid.
12. Apply The Mask (keep refrigerated to use cold) as a calming mask. Massage into skin and let it soak in while doing upper body massage.
13. Apply cold towel and allow it to sit 1-2 minutes to completely cool down face. Remove the mask with cold towel.
14. Spritz with The Mist or Liquid Moisture if your skin is more dry.
15. Apply Day Moisture and 1 pump of Vita-C Serum to smooth out the complexion. Apply to face, neck, and chest.
16. Spritz with The Mist.
18. Apply Eye Bright around eye area and The Balm for lips.