Next class starts January 26th, 2015! Call 512-614-4012 to get started!

Why We are Different:

  • We have a flexible schedule that works around your lifestyle.

  • We focus solely on skin and eyelashes and don't have all the mess of hair cutting and chemicals.

  • You will be able to earn a letter of recommendation and reference from Ann Webb personally. To date we have hired many of our top students.

  • Ann's goal is to have an esthetics school where passionate students learn more than just the core curriculum. 

  • We have years of experiance in areas beyond facials and waxing, inclunding building a business from nothing, manufacturing a product line, laser esthetics, esthetic injectables, spa management, regulatory compliance, medical esthetics, and so much more!

  • You aren't just here to learn. You are also here to help your own skin and then use that knowledge and example to help others. Some of our best students and estheticians are also some of our best before and after skin stories. 

Esthetics Focused
AW Skin Institute is all about esthetics!  We specialize in skin treatments without the distraction of other cosmetology

areas like hair and nails.  The AW Skin Institute is here to teach you the ins and outs of skin beautification—from facials

and waxing to eyelash extensions and body treatments. Our techniques for teaching involve simple repetition and

simulating situational spa experiences that will prepare you for your exciting new career.  Our goal is to make sure you

are confident, prepared and experienced in all aspects of skin.  

At AW Skin Institute we believe that esthetics school should be affordable.  We’ve taken affordability to a new level by

offering a tuition rate that is much lower than other schools and flexible payment plans that are built around you. 

We know that practice makes perfect, so we keep our students busy with hands-on training at no extra charge.  Students

also receive discounted services at the AW Skin Clinic, allowing them to experience professional services in an actual

spa to further enrich their learning.

Quality Supplies
Our school is not intended to create estheticians—we create medical estheticians.  There is a difference!  We do this by

teaching advanced skin care techniques, using the best quality supplies available.  We use a hard wax suitable for even

the most sensitive skin for our waxing classes and professional quality lashes for eyelash extensions.  Our skin

treatments are performed with Skin By Ann Webb products that are known for their ability to change skin, as well as

professional acid and enzyme peels. 

Esthetician Operated
AW Skin Institute is owned by Ann Webb, the medical esthetician behind the nationally recognized AW Clinicals skin care line and the successful AW Skin Clinic in Austin, TX.  If anyone knows the esthetics field, it’s Ann! 

She makes it a point to mentor her students, encouraging all aspects of their learning with her extensive knowledge of

the industry.  The school is run by highly experienced estheticians, instructors, guest speakers, and

managers including her husband, Sam Webb. 

So what are you waiting for?  Discover your beautiful career today!  We're now enrolling full and part time students. 

Please call 512-614-4012 for more information or if you're ready to apply, download our application here.