Laser Training

Laser training to become a licensed Laser Hair Removal Technician is offered through our Clinic.

Class Start Dates:

October 6, 2017
October 23, 2017

Call for future class dates! 512-795-0145

Ann made it a goal early on to own every type of laser system that would treat acne due to her own personal struggles. However, what she didn’t foresee was how she could change the life of those suffering from severe ingrown hairs in the bikini line or give back confidence to a women that was growing hair on her face. After seeing the community respond so well to the AW Institute, the natural progression was to add on the laser certification component, held at our Clinic where we house all of our lasers. Both Ann and her husband Sam take an active role in teaching the advanced treatments and courses. We look forward to speaking to you about any questions that you may have.

Laser Hair Removal Technician Certification:

In 2010 the Texas Legislature passed a law requiring anyone who performs laser hair removal procedures with a class IV laser device to be licensed through a Texas DSHS approved program.

Below is the list of courses for LHR certification that we offer along with our prices:

Apprentice-in-Training $995 (plus $50 fee paid to DSHS)

40 hour didactic course (8 credit hours can be given with a valid CPR certificate)

Laser Technician $1,200 (plus $70 fee paid to DSHS)

You must perform 100 body sites after completing the Apprentice (Didactic) stage. This will allow you to perform treatments unsupervised (though still under the guidance of a Medical Director) once your license arrives in the mail.

Senior Technician $500 (plus $100 fee paid to DSHS)

You must observe 100 body sites after receiving your Laser Hair Removal Technician certification.


Call for additional discounts on bundled classes!

Students actually get to see live demos during the 40 hour didactic.

What makes us unique?

* Our school is owned and taught by a LASER SAFETY OFFICER with over ten years of experience.

* We teach you how to get inside these machines to learn the MAINTENANCE AND MECHANICS that will keep them running smoother which will make you an assest to your future employer.

* Our highly qualified staff consists of 9 instructors who hold Senior or Professional licenses. There are enough of us to give you all of the individual attention that you need.

* Having such a large staff will allow you to complete your 100 body site treatments day or night, any day of the week.

* The didactic course can be a lot to learn in just one week. If you feel like you need more time that's not a problem. You can take it as many times as you like for no additional fees.

* Attending laser school at a successful medical spa will allow you to have a call center for any future questions that may arise when you start practicing in the field. You'll always have a place to turn for help.

* We invite guest speakers from top manufacturers from the U.S. and Europe as well as industry experts.

* We own brands that are considered the most trustworthy and the most popular. (Candela, Lumines, Light Away)

* You'll have access to every technology needed to be successful in any medi-spa. (Alex, YAG, Q-Switch YAG, IPL)

Classes are taught monthly and are small in size so everyone

can get the indiviual attention they need!

* During your 40 hour class, you will see the following additional demos that will cover the most popular treatments in the medi-spa marketplace:

  • Broken Vessels and Capillaries

  • Under Eye Veins

  • Toe Nail Fungus

  • Diffuse Redness

  • Photo Rejuvenation

  • Sun Spots

  • YAG Skin Tightening

  • Tattoo Removal

* Advanced courses (6 hours) are offered in the treatments listed above for $300 where most competitors are still charging $1,000

* We will personally supervise the process of filling out your state applications and making sure that they include everything you need to be approved

* Each student will take home an extensive training binder

* We also help craft your resume to help promote your new skill and licensure

* Discounts for friends and family while you are completing your 100 Body Sites course

* 8 hours of classroom credit is given for a valid CPR certification, leaving you with only 32 hours to complete

So...What's Next?

Let's get you started! Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Fill out the Apprentice-in-Training application from the DSHS website:

2. Take a CPR course online then print and bring the certificate with you.
(e.g. )

3. Bring proof of completion of high school or GED.

4. Bring a copy of your driver's license. Must be 18 years or older.

5. You will need a money order or check made out to DSHS for $50 for the Apprentice-in-Training application.

6. Fill out the Laser Technician application from the DSHS website

7. You will need an additional money order or check of $70 for the Laser Technician application.

These are all things to bring with you on your first day of class along with a large stamped envelope to mail your documents.

How does the payment work?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a financing program but you are only required to put 50% down to hold a spot and the remaining balance needs to be paid the first day of class.

Where are classes held?

All classes are held at the Ann Webb Skin Clinic (11701 Jollyville Road, Suite 107, Austin, Texas 78759)

You can be one of us! Call today at 512-795-0145.