It may come as a surprise that Ann’s first love has always been public speaking.  Ann started competing in paid speaking events at the age of 11.  Ann’s drive was fierce.  She never lost a competition because she used the prize money to help take care of her father. Later, Ann won multiple speaking scholarships and used the funds not only to pay for a degree in Communications, but to help her father break free of poverty.  Since then Ann has spoken at a number of women’s events, at every Sprouts store in the nation, and in more Whole Foods and health stores than we can count.  She sat on the board of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society where she acted as a corporate speaker and helped to raise over a million dollars for cancer research.  Ann is willing to speak on any topic.


How To Do More With Less

Join STOUT Magazine and STRETCH author, Scott Sonenshein, as we learn from local execs and entrepreneurs about the power of doing more with less.

Panelists Include:

- Matt Laessig, COO & Co-Founder

- Ann Webb, Founder of Ann Webb Skin Clinic & Institute

- Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer SXSW

June 28, 2017

The Graeber House

410 E. 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Admission is FREE!  Click here for tickets!

 Here is a list of popular talks:

Overcoming Adversity

Building A Million Dollar Business

Women’s Empowerment

Skin Care

Product Formulation

Childhood Leukemia: A Mother’s Perspective

Living a Clean, Non-Toxic Lifestyle

Team-Building and Employee Motivation


Ann's presentation on "Building A Million Dollar Business" is one of her most popular talks.  She discusses her top tips for business in a way that is personal and motivational.  Take an in-depth look at Ann's top business pointers and discover additional tips that have helped to make the Ann Webb brand so successful!

1.  Self-Empowerment/Believe In Yourself

Your first step to building a successful business may seem pretty obvious, but it's actually the most important.  Stop and really think about this one.  Do some soul-searching.  Can you truly go forward confidently?  Do you have what it takes to stand up for yourself and your business? Because without believing in yourself, you truly cannot begin.  Self-doubt is contagious.  If you don't believe in yourself how is anyone else going to?  I'm not saying there aren't going to be times when your confidence wavers, when you're unsure of how to move forward.  But having that foundation inside of you is what really matters.  You have to believe that you can do it because guess what?  Belief in yourself is contagious too!

2.  Be Able To Motivate

To be successful in business you need to be able to motivate not just yourself, but your employees, your customers, your buyers, everyone around you!  You're going to have to motivate yourself to work as long and as hard as it takes to get what you need done.  Create a team atmosphere in your business that will motivate your employees.  When everyone works hard the reward is greater, and when your employees see you working the hardest it will motivate them to keep going.  Lead by example!  When it comes to your customers, you have to create a high level of interest and excitement in your product or business--motivation!  No matter how great your product or business is, if you can't get people excited about it it won't sell.

3.  Recognize Your "Tipping Point"

If you've read the book The Tipping Point, you know what I'm talking about.  It's the point when your business either becomes wildly successful or falls flat.  Pay close attention to the moments and stages of growth in your business so that you will be able to recognize and utilize your "tipping point."

4.  Overcome Your Obstacles

Sometimes it may seem like this part of your business is out of your control.  After all, there's no way to anticipate all of the obstacles that you will face.  But this isn't about trying to shield yourself from all of your potential pitfalls.  This is about training yourself to know what to do when those obstacles present themselves.  Overcoming obstacles is something you can learnhow to do.  Train yourself to do the following when you see an obstacle in your path:  

- Above all else, stay calm!  Don't make any rash decisions.  

- Take your time and evaluate the obstacle.  See it for what it really is before you decide 
  how you should proceed.  Sometimes an obstacle makes you realize that you need to make 
  a change before moving forward.  Sometimes it is a blessing, not a curse  
  because it forces you to make a change that improves your whole business.  

Be strong.  Go back to #1, that belief in yourself.  Dig deep within yourself for the strength   
  you will need to get past the obstacle, especially if it's not the "blessing in disguise" kind.  
  You may find that you are surprised by how strong you are, and that will just add to your 
  foundation and make your business even better.

5.  Be Brave And Say Yes

When I look back at my business, I can directly pinpoint huge moments of growth.  They all happened when I just said yes.  Many of those times were frightening.  It's hard to say yes when you are unsure or the task takes you out of your comfort zone or it's just downright hard.  But believe me, it is these pivotal moments that can really boost your business.  So be brave!  Just say yes and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

6.  Manage Your Setbacks

This goes hand in hand with overcoming obstacles.  Obstacles are going to happen and you can be sure that setbacks will happen as well.  But unlike obstacles which sometimes throw your whole direction off, setbacks are more frequent and more manageable.  Again, train yourself to manage them.  Practice makes perfect!  The more you do it, the easier it will be when a setback pops up.  Train yourself to do the following:
- Again, the number one tip here is to stay calm.  Take your time and really look at the situation.  
- Be creative in how you deal with your setback.  Think outside the box.  Don't rule out solutions that may seem crazy or non-traditional.  These may be the freshest ideas--the ones that make you stand out from your competition.  

Do something...quickly.  It seems to me that with obstacles, you have the luxury of time.  They are a big deal and require some thought and planning.  Setbacks seem to pop up, often at the worst possible time, when you are right in the middle of getting something important done.  They don't allow you a lot of time.  You have to be ready to act on them.  Make a  decision and do it before your setback becomes an obstacle.  

7.  Create Real Change

This tip deals a little more with business goals.  In my business, one of my goals was to make skin care affordable for those who needed it the most.  By accomplishing this goal, I feel that I created real change--not just in people's skin which in turn improved their confidence, but in the skin care and spa industry itself.  In my own little corner of the world, I changed people's perception that a facial was a luxury reserved for the rich.  At my spa we see wealthy people, sure, but we also see housekeepers, single moms, college students, etc.  I decided long ago that no one who needed help with their skin would be turned away and to date no one has.  I feel that this is real change, and if enough businesses make creating real change one of their goals, this world will certainly be a better place!  A little goodwill goes a long way in business.  People will support businesses that try to make the world a better place. 

So now you've heard the ideas that I think are most important for building a successful business.  Here are some additional pointers to help you along the way:

Search For Your Niche

We live in a world full of billions of products and billions of businesses, most of which are accessible to a consumer within seconds on the internet.  You know your business, now search for your niche.  What makes you stand out from all the other businesses?  Look closely at your direct competition and figure out how you can do it better.  There's bound to be a gap somewhere.  You just have to find it and fill it.

Lower Your Overhead and Save Money

You are going to have to do every aspect of your business yourself for at least some of the time. Every business has bookkeeping, taxes, planning, design work, etc. Learn Illustrator, In Design, Excel, Word, QuickBooks, a website building program like Wordpress or Dreamweaver. Work from home until you cannot. Be creative because rent is expensive. Barter.  When you are small, a business plan doesn’t pay off. Look for creative ways to get money.  Try to find local loan programs.  Use free internet marketing tools (Facebook, YouTube, Yelp) to your advantage.  

Invest In People, Not Paper

Save advertising dollars and invest your money in people, not paper. Use Craigslist. Hire interns at local schools. Motivate them to build their resume. Keep the good ones. Look to a younger generation for shining stars. They are tech savvy and can be very well-rounded. They know software and social media. Hire a small staff at higher pay. All of your employees should feel overworked before you hire more. Maintain a high level of energy and motivation in the workplace.

Cut Out the Middlemen

It’s an Internet world, so do some internet research to find the best pricing for whatever you need for your business.  Again, learn to do things yourself (bookkeeping, graphic design, web design) to keep your costs down until you grow.  

Study the Trade, Don’t Show Right Away

In any industry, you are going to have trade shows. That doesn't mean that you need to exhibit right away!  I've seen companies exhibit in their first year and it can be a disaster. They lack the budget, sales team, and can be unfamiliar with the competition. This allows their competition to see them at their weakest point and it costs a lot of money. Instead of showing, go as a visitor. Go booth to booth and expand outside your specific trade. Visit booths and make alliances with those who don’t directly compete with you. Good entrepreneurs will share their experiences. Ask for pointers so when you are ready to exhibit you will already know what works best.  Look for opportunities to create vendor partnerships. Ask the employees, managers, owners and everyone else a hundred questions.

Be Where the Important People Are

Ask around. Don’t think for a second that it’s not about who you know. Your job is to find out who you need to know. Align yourself with your largest competitor. Always be willing to learn from someone else.

Work Harder and Smarter than Your Competition

As companies get bigger, they don't always have the time to figure out how to work harder and smarter.  As a small company you do.  Take the time to figure out what will make your business better.  With costs being lower than a bigger company, you also still have the budget room to give more. Get yourself out there. Show up and be present at events in your industry. Give out free samples.  It will often pay you back tenfold.