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Co-Founder/School Director/Medical Esthetician/Laser Professional/Product Developer

Joanna and Ann have been best friends since way back in grade school. She came aboard in early 2007 to co-found the Skin by Ann Webb product line and help AW cope with the news of her very young son being diagnosed with cancer. Joanna sold her home in Louisiana and left everything behind to take on this new role.  At that time there were no fancy job titles.  It was just Ann, Callie, and Jo launching a brand in Whole Foods and Sprouts all while trying to take care of a very sick child.  AW will tell anyone who is willing to listen that the Ann Webb brand would not exist without this woman in her life, who worked countless hours and treated the company as if it was her own from day one.  As the brand has grown, so has the team.  Joanna continues to push the company into new areas.  After the successful build-up and sale of the Skin by Ann Webb product line, Joanna showed that her amazing business development skills went far beyond products. The Ann Webb Skin and Laser Institute is a growing force in the Texas esthetics education industry thanks to her remarkable ability to see what others miss. Joanna and Ann make a powerful team that goes far beyond being best friends.  But that part is certainly nice too!!

Co-Founder/Creative Director/Institute Manager/Product Developer

Callie graduated as an English Major, but forged her post-collegiate career as a professional jewelry-maker. In 2007, she joined the AW team as Ann's part-time assistant. Callie's hidden talents and knack for graphic design became apparent when some Skin By Ann Webb bottle artwork needed to get done in a hurry. Callie volunteered to help and the rest is history. Now, as the Creative Director for all things Ann Webb, she has proven to be the rarest of gems. Callie designs everything that is put in front of the public with an attention to detail that is matched by no other. The product packaging, logos, website, newsletters, brochures, flyers, posters, educational packets, and more all flow from her desk. Callie also has a remarkable ability to quickly bring all of AW's never-ending ideas to life. Most importantly she loves this company and her brand so much that she never gets tired of the amazing challenges. We all love her so very much! WE LOVE YOU CALLIE!!

AW Skin Clinic Manager/AW Clinicals Wholesale Account Manager

Whitney spent 12 years managing some of the top spas in Austin until…Austin got a new top spa! She later told AW that she sat in the parking lot and cried after her interview.  She wanted the job with us that badly!  Wanted it, well she certainly got it!  When AW realized that Whitney was kept in a managerial box even though she had been in the business for more than a decade, she continuously pushed Whitney to her limits by forcing her to master every small aspect of running a successful spa "the AW way."  She learned about margins, sales, profit and loss, making products, negotiating contracts...the list goes on. It was a daunting challenge, but she earned her spot. Not to mention that every day she delights us with her positive energy and beautiful smile. Her personal drive to ensure the only client experience is the best client experience every time at AWSC keeps her in the catbird seat. You will find her working early, working late, and always happy to see you walk in the Clinic....her Clinic.

AW Skin Institute Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Sandra joined AW in 2015 when she needed a change of scenery in her work life.  She was happy to find what she was looking for at the AW Skin Institute, and Joanna and Callie feel so lucky to have her helping them run the school.  Sandra's caring attitude and gentle kindness make her a natural fit for us.  When she's not brightening the room at AW, she can be found volunteering at local animal shelters or taking care of her own beloved dogs. 

AW Skin Clinic Assistant Manager

Aundrea came to us with an amazing background in customer service and management. Her fun, friendly personality made her feel like part of the family right away, and her attention to detail and customer service expertise helps things run more smoothly around here every day. Thanks Aundrea!!

Melanie B.
Medical Esthetician/Lead Instructor/Cosmetic Injectionist/Senior Laser Technician

Mel "B" (as she's known here at Ann Webb) grew up suffering with severe acne, which led her to two rounds of Accutane treatments and countless dermatologist visits. This experience shaped her career path and helped to develop her passion for skin care. Melanie graduated with an Esthetician license from the Paul Mitchell Institute in her hometown of Pflugerville, Texas in 2010. She furthered her training in 2013 by earning her laser license and has trained under Ann to be one of our top cosmetic injectionists. 

Melanie was "discovered" by AW through Linkedin and shortly after became a member of the Ann Webb family. In 2015 she became an AWSI instructor, where she is valued for her sweet personality and her amazing talent for teaching practical skills.  Melanie feels like this is a dream come true for her and is honored to work with and for all of these phenomenal women.

Medical Esthetician/Senior Laser Technician/Lead Instructor

Chamagne left behind corporate America to pursue her dream of working in Esthetics.  She wasted no time in graduating from the Ann Webb Skin Institute, then immediately enrolled in the Instructor program.  Having the opportunity to not only work in the skin care industry but also teach has been a bonus she was not expecting.  It's a rewarding feeling to wake up and know that she is impacting the lives of our students as they embark on their new careers.

Chamagne has spent the last year as AW's assistant for cosmetic injections.  It has had such an impact on her that she has enrolled in a Nursing Program at Texas State University.  Her goal is to become an Esthetics Nurse and work in the field of reconstructive surgery. 

Struggling with acne most of her teenage and adult life has given her a great compassion for treating others.  Even her own son has had amazing results after she started treating him with YAG laser acne treatments.  Becoming a Senior Laser Tech is just another way that Chamagne has advanced her career.  As a woman of color, she considers herself an expert in treating darker skin types and is accustomed to specific needs like ingrown hair, acne, uneven skin tones, and even skin tightening.  Chamagne believes there is no reason to be afraid of lasers!  She is the girl who understands what you are going through.  She loves using this platform to empower women to love and take care of themselves. 

Cosmetologist/Lead Instructor

Odilia has been a licensed Cosmetologist for over 17 years. She began her career traveling internationally as an educator for Farouk Systems. She has judged numerous beauty pageants and barber battles as well. Her true passion lies in teaching---and that's exactly what brought her to us! With her triple threat certifications in lash extensions, gel polish, and esthetics, Odilia stood out to us right away as a top instructor talent. Her smile and happy demeanor bring joy to our school each and every day!

Laser Professional/Medical Esthetician/Acne Specialist/Cosmetic Injectionist

Ashley started her career in makeup at the age of 18.  After struggling with acne and three rounds of Accutane, she shifted her focus to skin care.  She knew immediately that she had a passion for lasers and enrolled at the National Laser Institute in Dallas to receive her certification as a Laser Professional.  After a fateful meeting with Ann and Sam at an Esthetics convention in Dallas, Ashley became the very first student of the Ann Webb Skin Institute!  She earned her Esthetician license and eventually her Instructor license with us at AWSI.  Since then Ashley has excelled in the Esthetics field, and is now pursuing a degree in Nursing.  Most recently she has put her nursing skills to work as one of our cosmetic injectionists.  Ashley's journey from student to top therapist has been amazing to watch.  We are so proud of her!

Melanie M.
Medical Esthetician/Massage Therapist/Cosmetic Injectionist/Laser Professional/Acne Specialist

Melanie has spent her career creating the perfect balance in treatments: relaxation and results. She has perfected her techniques thus far working for one of Austin's top surgical offices, as well as staying in high demand working under one of country's most renowned estheticians. Melanie decided to bring her unique healing touch to AW Skin Clinic so she can devote her entire focus to clients' healing and well-being. She prides herself on her ability to care for and listen to the needs of others. She stays on top of current industry trends, and regularly attends advanced classes to further her knowledge. What sets Melanie apart is her belief in tailoring all of her services to her clients. Through a thorough consultation Melanie will determine a client's goals, and show them how to reach them. Born and raised right here in Austin, Melanie is a mother to one son, and one of five siblings. She also tries to enjoy all that our beautiful city has to offer in her free time.

Medical Esthetician/Senior Laser Technician

Jamee first entered the Esthetics world when she attended The Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School located in Dallas, Texas in 2008. Jamee started her career and training under Dr. Fiona Wright at Skin M.D. & Beyond.  With passion for the industry she made a decision to move to the beautiful city of Austin!  Ann Webb was highly recommended by numerous people, and after an amazing interview they both knew it was a perfect fit. Jamee continues to learn from Ann and feels very lucky to perform her passion every day.

Massage Therapist/Laser Technician

"‚ÄčLana was one of my very first clients in Austin 12 years ago.  Seeing her was like therapy for me.  I was not surprised one bit when I discovered that she began studying the art of healing people.  Just being in the same room with her now is so soothing for me. She is very special." -- AW 

Lana's desire to make people feel better led to a career in massage.  She noticed that many people around her were internalizing pain and stress. "There was a fire burning in me.  I knew I could make these people better."

Lana is a graduate of the acclaimed Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage and is competely honored to be part of the AW team. "I have been with Ann from the beginning.  I have been loved by her through seven different locations.  No one is better suited to carry out AW's mission than me--I was a part of its original creation!"

Medical Esthetician/Cosmetic Injectionist/Laser Technician

When Suzanne left her job in HR to raise her kids, she promised herself that when she went back to work it would be doing something that she loved. When the time came to start her new career, Suzanne enrolled in the AW Skin Institute. She was already a client of the AW Skin Clinic and even had a sister (Lana) who worked there, so her choice of esthetician schools was pretty obvious. She graduated from our Institute and was immediately hired on as one of our Estys. Suzanne is fascinated by the medical side of Esthetics and enjoys performing treatments involving peels, lasers, and injections. We are always impressed by her friendly, professional demeanor and her amazing attention to detail. We are very lucky to have two fabulous sisters on our team!

Laser Technician/Lash Extensions Specialist

Coming Soon!

Medical Esthetician/Cosmetic Injectionist/Laser Technician

Ashley's skincare career started twelve years ago, during her college years. She attended classes during the day and worked part time as a beauty counter consultant in a department store. Ashley enjoyed helping people with their skincare needs and doing their makeup for special events. Eventually Ashley accepted a position that advanced her career in retail cosmetics. In that position, she was responsible for planning special events, product launches, and recruiting and developing new talent. She enjoyed the business management side of cosmetics but in 2013 she decided to escape the corporate sales environment and shift her focus to medical skincare treatments. Ashley took a job working for an oculoplastic surgical group here in Austin. She spent her time assisting the doctors in procedures and helping patients with pre and post surgical care. She loved learning about facial reconstruction following traumatic events like skin cancer, moving vehicle accidents and debilitating disease. Ashley is a graduate of the Ann Webb Institue skin and laser programs. She has also trained extensively with Ann to become a certified injector. She loves doing all the treatments available at the clinic but her favorite is facial rejuvenation with Botox and fillers. Ashley has spent many years working with skin and she thinks AWSC has so much to offer her clients. She feels it is the perfect place to come relax and improve your skin all at the same time.

Medical Esthetician/Laser Technician

Caitlin developed an interest in skincare after spending her high school years with severe cystic acne. After graduating college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising/Marketing, she underwent facial laser resurfacing for acne scarring and realized that skincare is where her true passion lies. She soon followed her dreams and enrolled in the Aveda Institute to obtain her Esthetician license. Seeing the amazing results lasers can provide firsthand, she decided to add on to her education and enroll in the Ann Webb Skin Institute to get her laser license. After setting foot in the Ann Webb Skin Clinic, she fell in love and joined the AW family as soon as possible.

Medical Esthetician/Laser Technician

Claudia is another Louisiana girl, originally from Lafayette! After gaining experience in the medical field as a respiratory therapist (for which she is still licensed), she was ready to branch out and combine her medical knowledge with her passion for skin care. The ever-growing field of Esthetics felt like the perfect fit for her. She enrolled at the Aveda Institute in Lafayette and her Esthetics career has been going strong ever since! Claudia loves helping others find and define their own personal ideas of beauty. She has found that educating clients on the appropriate products and procedures for daily use is essential to helping them maintain beautiful skin. Trust and open communication is also important. She wants her clients to know that they should never be afraid to ask a question. No one should withhold a moment to create clarity. Their skin depends on it!

Medical Esthetician/Laser Technician/Cosmetic Injectionist

Prior to becoming an esthetician, Katie worked in the medical field in OB/GYN and dermatology. Her work in dermatology sparked her interest in Esthetics and she decided to return to school to obtain her Esthetics license. She loves the combination of Esthetics and medicine, and feels that her medical background helps her troubleshoot more difficult skin concerns. Her favorite services to offer are injections, laser treatments, and acne facials. When she's not working, Katie enjoys spending time with her two teenagers and one furbaby.   

Medical Esthetician/Laser Technician

14 years ago, after just having started her career as a hairstylist, Shelby received her first "real facial." She suddenly realized that she was in the right industry but the wrong position! That evening she researched everything she could about Esthetics. Fascinated, she decided to take it to the next level and learn about Medical Esthetics. Three short days later she was on her way from Houston to Dallas to get trained and certified in lasers. Since her Esthetics journey began, she has been trained in over a dozen different lasers. Her skills include skin resurfacing, hair removal, IPL, vein removal, skin tightening, tattoo removal, and acne treatments. She has a vast knowledge of products and ingredients to treat some of the most severe skin care concerns. Her passion for what she does shines through in her work and her personality! She is now training to be a cosmetic injectionist as well. Shelby has heard many great things about Ann Webb in the industry for many years, and she couldn't be happier to now be practicing at her Clinic!    

Medical Esthetician/Laser Technician

Nina is an Esthetician graduate from our own AW Skin Institute. She came to us from Almaty, Kazakhstan with such amazing qualifications that we knew right away we had to have her for our Clinic! Nina earned her BSN and MSN Degrees in Nursing from the Nursing Institute (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and Almaty Medical College, and her Bachelors Degree in Linguistics and Business from the University of Foreign Languages and Business Careers (Almaty Kazakhstan). She is a former Nurse Practitioner who practiced intensive therapy and diagnostics of patients. Nina has successfully completed training programs in Botox/Dermal Fillers, Reproductive Health and Family Planning, and Communications with Clients. She also completed her Therapist Massage studies at Almaty Medical College and has since developed her practice in classic Russian massage, reaffirming massage and Japanese Cabido massage--famous for its face-lifting effect. Nina has received extensive training with MD Nazarova covering Plasmolifting, facial anti-aging treatment, acne treatment, microdermabrasion, hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight) / (needleless mesotherapy), bioreinforcement vector lifting, increasing lip volume, Dysport and Botox injections, 3D Meso-Threading, peeling (alpha complex, salicylic, almond, pirogrape, retinol, fenol, lactic acids, etc.), and removal of benign tumors (warts, papillomas, moles, keratomas, xanthelasma, hemangioma atheroma, fibropapilloma, millia). Nina has a passion for science and conducts her own research on the influence of stem cells and growth factors of blood platelet-rich plasma on facial skin regeneration processes and methods of facial skin rejuvenation. She is a powerhouse of information who continues to impress us every day!    

Spa Attendant/Warehouse Assistant

Martha moved here with her family from Ecuador at age 8. She has always been interested in nutrition and often made her own skin care masks growing up.  Now she has Ann and all of the AW estheticians to learn from!  And learn she has--Martha is our top behind-the-scenes girl! She helps to keep our spa looking beautiful, our shelves stocked, and our therapists happy. Her sweet demeanor and can-do attitude makes all of our lives a little easier. Martha, you're amazing!